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We have Over a Decade of Experience and Knowledge in this Industry!


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We can stripe any lines or logos that you desire on your parking lot or asphalt surface as well as paint any area to your desire.




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You’re ready to improve or maintain your asphalt surface. You’ve decided to take care of your investment in your driveway. You are looking for somebody who cares about it as much as you. Well, feel free to stop by and talk to Marvin at our office in Lone Rock, Wi if you like or call him!

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We use SealMaster Polymer-Modified Masterseal for our sealcoating and a Hot-Rubber compound for our crack-filling!



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Established in 2004 by owner Marvin Joles III, Wis-Coat has over 14 years experience and is Certified by the University of Wisconsin in Maintaining Asphalt Surfaces. He is always continuing his knowledge and education in this field and strives to do the best work at an affordable price to the customer.

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Whether it’s old or new, big or small, we can maintain or repair your asphalt and get it in shape with a range of services we offer!

You’ve made an important and wise decision.

We’re a top-tier Asphalt Maintenance & Repair company that ensures all your driveway & parking-lot needs are met with "Never-Over" Estimates and the highest quality materials we can offer. With years of experience, social-media transparency and a University of Wisconsin Certificate in Maintaining Asphalt Services, we take pride in our great workmanship and Customer Relations.


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Office: 118 S. Oak St. Lone Rock, Wi - Depot: E8812 Hwy E Black River Falls, Wi - Ph: 608-354-7690 

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We can patch any area with cold-mix for potholes and square-cuts, or Hot-mix and Thermal patching for blemishes.