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Striping: Striping asphalt is the process of repainting or newly painting parking lines, logos, arrows, handicap logos and more, on asphalt. 

Estimating: All our estimates are firm and the customer knows exactly what they will be paying when the job is completed. Guaranteed. It is easy to get an estimate from Wis-Coat on any Asphalt Maintenance service you may need, just get in contact with us TODAY!


Sealcoating: A process in which a small layer of liquid asphalt emulsion is applied to an asphalt surface to protect it from oxidation, erosion, freeze cracking and water penatration, and give it a "Pleasing to the Eye" finish!

Cleaning: Every Asphalt surface is thoroughly cleaned beforehand with wire brooms, Industrial Push-Blowers and in some cases Street Sweepers.

Consulting & PASER Rating: Wis-Coat is trained in determining an asphalt surface's grade on the PASER rating system. Wis-Coat also has a certificate in Maintaining Asphalt Pavements from the University of Wisconsin. Both of these come into play when a customer calls to be consulted on their Asphalt Surface.

Crack-Filling: The process of filling cracks in a asphalt surface with a hot-melt oil-based liquid-applaied rubber sealant to keep water from getting into the cracks, thus causing erosion and crack freeze-expanion.

Asphalt Maintenance


Patching: Patching a pothole or area, means filling a hole or blemish in asphalt with a patching material to correct asphalt loss. Sometimes material is removed from the pothole and replaced correctly.