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Somebody Fill These!

Post Date: 1-20-16


​       Asphalt Maintenance

   I was having some fun walking into a “Big Box” store yesterday while on Snapchat. When i looked down and noticed the cracks in the parking lot asphalt. These things had some crack-filler in them at one point, so i know the management must have some kind of schedule, or at least have it on their mind. 

     It seems simple to just look over it and keep it out of mind until the service date approaches, but a great disservice is being done by not at Least, taking care of the larger ones that are in the asphalt. The only thing to go in and replace the void is Water, that turns into ice, that expands in there, that causes secondary and tertiary cracks, that leads to Potholes.

     Then the question arises once the potholes form. “How did it get this Bad?” “Why is it so much to patch a hole, it wasn’t that much to fill the cracks?” It’s because we went from a simple service to a more complicated one, where we end up having to use crack-filler anyway, along with the patchwork.

     I have two words of advice for anybody that owns or is responsible for an asphalt surface, no matter if it is a parking lot or driveway, Keep your eyes on it and nip anything in the tail early to keep costs down. When Wis-Coat is responsible for maintaining any surface, we check on it regularly. If you have a service company that takes care or your asphalt, ask him to do this, If you are a Service company, get in this habit. It will speak volumes to your customers and let them know you care about their asphalt as much, if not more, than they do.

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