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In addition to the Hard Copy of the Pavement Maintenance and Construction Magazine coming out this month, January 2017, you can also find the article online here:

Our New Before and After Sealcoating Signs!

​Post Date: Dec-14-16

​Wis-Coat in Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction Magazine!

Post Date: Jan-14-17


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Pavement Maintenance Magazine

​Post Date: Nov-28-16

I have an article coming out this month, January, in Pavement Maintenance and Reconstruction Magazine. Wis-Coat has grown successfully over the last few years and they wanted to ask some questions about it. I was glad to answer anything they had to ask, as well as talk about my aspirations for not only Wis-Coat and myself, but the asphalt maintenance industry as a whole. I hope you get a chance to read it, but if not, I’m sure i will always have a copy and be posting about it in all of my social media accounts, especially YouTube and Facebook. -Marvin Joles III

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