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The Wis-Coat Blog is a great way for me, Marvin Joles III, to give my perception on the Sealcoating industry and more. I am excited to review products and talk about a large number of topics in the Asphalt Maintenance world. I try to add blog posts often and talk a bout a variety of things in our industry! Thanks for Listening. -Marvin

The Wis-Coat Blog

  By: Marvin Joles III

Our Office in Lone Rock is a good place to try to catch the owner in the off season. The Black River Falls location is more of a storage and depot for equipment and material, but Marvin can be found the in the summer as well. We service all the way from Osseo down to Platteville areas and are working on better logistics all the time to serve our customers needs.

Preserving Pavement

Proper asphalt maintenance can prolong the life of your asphalt by up to 30 Years with a proper maintenance schedule. SealMaster and University of Wisconsin both use graphs showing and explaining how this is possible.